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ever wanted to see an lcd screen under a microscope? Answered

I got a usb microscope for 8 dollars, just showing some of it's pictures. I hope to make micro instructables with it later ;) In order: 10x 60x 200x The screen was from my sister's pixter that she was going to throwout


You mentioned using "an $8 USB Microscope". Where in the world did you get a microscope for that low price?


Put some paper under it, you can see just how "messy" the make-up of the fibres is.

cool. this is interesting.

thanks, have any suggestions for what I should put under next?

any suggestions for what I should put under next?

An elephant.

foam board minus the paper coating or the insulation kind would be cool.

is that the stuff that's in that spongy posterboard?

huh, I could of swore I had some, but I don't. I think my sister used it for a science fair thing, then through it out. sorry

Crack open an old chip to get at the wafer (there's an 'ible on that somewhere) and put the wafer under the scope.

I tried that earlier today, but I couldn't see anything under it... You could faintly see a couple of traces, but the rest just looked like a glob of silver, even under 200x, which is the max on my cheap microscope, oh well

smd led in order led 10x led 60x led 200x led 10x with penny as comparison

led 10x.jpgled 60x.jpgled 200x.jpgled with penny.jpg