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fading on a picture quilt? Answered

my daughter received a quilt with beutiful pictures of her on it she spilt water on it and i noticed the color on pictures faded away,, i realize i might not b able to fix that but my question is wat is the tenique for printing pics on fabric and not having them fade




8 years ago

You can also experiment with spraying the fabric with an artist's sealant such as the Krylon varnishes. That won't protect you from a serious soaking but should provide some protection against a splash.

There are many different formulations of inkjet ink, some of which are more stable than others -- one of the reasons the original inks for photo printers cost more than for other printers (or cheap refills) is that they may really have longer lifespans.

Having said that: I have a T-shirt which was printed with inkjet transfer paper (a fancier version of the freezer paper approach) and which has held up to a fair number of laundry cycles. Always on cold, for whatever that's worth... but I haven't been particularly paranoid about what it gets washed or dried with.

So I can't vouch for why this particular quilt faded. I'd suggest you contact whoever made it so they know there was a problem and can try a different process. If it was a business, they might be embarrassed enough to print a replacement for you, or at least offer a discount.


8 years ago

There are several ways to print onto fabric, not least of which is the tried-and-true freezer paper method. Here's a link to some commercial products that also may be useful. I'm told that there are special inks available especially for fabric printing, but most of the commercial products seem to use the regular ink.
As for your fading issue, you're right. There not much you can do to fix it, but you may be able to prevent further fading by ironing it on the hottest setting the fabric can tolerate (no steam - use a clean press cloth.). It sounds like maybe the ink just wasn't set properly, and the ironing may set the ink better.