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fake security LED blinking- slow Answered

I can't find a fake, security sensor. I want a blinking LED to blink slow. Sorta like the light that blinks in your car when it is locked- you see a small blinking light to warn thieves that there is an alarm. Thanks.


you could build a 555 circuit, but I think thats overkill You could buy a blinking led Hmmmm, I'm trying to think of a low part solution...

. The blinking LED sounds like the best solution to me. Easiest, anyway.
. A 555 is overkill, but would make an interesting project for a beginner and would allow some flexibility.
. You might be able to put a blinking light (eg, Christmas light) in series, but that may drop too much voltage.
> a blinking led
> low part solution...
. Kind of hard to go less than one part. heehee
. Should be able to make something out of a transistor, resistor, and capacitor.

Seems like there should be already made ones- for toys maybe. Or a security company that already has a fake- they have fake security camersa, but I can't find anything small/blinking...

I found the blinky site also- scrolled through tons of blinky things- all 'jewelry' or such. I emailed them, hoping they might have an idea also. Thanks- there just mudt be something out there....

you can buy them in most Auto stores, even the sprawlmart by me has one it's even in blue like lots of newer alarms use and it was only $4 CDN so thats like 50 cents in the US <> And all you do is hook the red wire upto the + and the black upto the - every thing is in the LED and they are small and easy to put in your dash....

Big Bwana- I will be so happy if I can find them there! What 'big store' do you have- I am in a rather remote area- the nearest town is 120 miles- hope we have same store there!

All I want is a light connected to a battery- if it is as easy as that- I know Zip-Nada! I could come up with an enclosure- it would only be about 1"x3".....maybe...