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fake teeth? HELP? Answered

I''m planning on making fake teeth prosthetics for my costume on halloween. I have a few ideas but I'm not sure if they'll work or look as good as a real one. any ideas on what material to use? Im planning to make a set of teeth with all fangs. like a shark's



5 years ago

Didn't George Washington carve his out of wood? Why not its just for one night.


but wood is not white :( I want it to look s realistic s possible. but if I run out of choices, I might just go with wood. thanks!!

1. go to a pet shop and buy some white bone - they sell it for dogs to chew. Wash well and personally I would soak in some bleach for a day or 2 and then wash again to make sure it is clean

2. using a saw and files cut your teeth from the bone. It will polish well just like real teeth.

3. I would use something like shape lock to form a gum and set the teeth in it.

White bone - you can't mistake them

you can get then plain or filled with a gooy chew for teh dog - If this is all you can get the gooy bit will wash and poke out.

Visit a pet shop.

I make jewellery out of them.

Polymorph / Shapelock etc.

It's basically tooth-coloured, easy to mould, and if you mess it up you can just warm it up and start again.

I'll try searching for those. thank you!