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farmers market tent awning Answered

Hello, I'm spending all of my money for product, I bake pastries, but when the sun starts to go down, or up depending on which side of the street I'm on, I could really use awning I could put up myself.  Make myself. Any ideas. I just don't want them to poke anyone in the eye. I could really use ideas,  thank you sooooo much.  



3 years ago

I have a pop up tent with side curtains. I will talk with the management about the awning. We have about one month before it gets really hot in Colorado so times ticking. Thank you for your interest, and if you see anything that may help, please keep me in mind, thank you and God Bless! Eva

What kind of tent do you have? Maybe a pic of your setup, If it is one of those pop up canopy shelters, they do make curtain walls that hook on or zipper up to the sides. Some greenmarkets prohibit anything going out into the walkways so did you want an awning that extended out from the stall or just a sail or shade for certain parts of the stall? Old sails are good to repurpose or get an old tent to repurpose for the material. Good luck.

If you're between trees or lamp-posts, you could string up a line and hang blankets or sheets that you decorate to match your stall, but otherwise you're probably going to have to buy a folding gazebo of some sort (random ebay example), but you can probably get one second hand - if you're handy with a sewing machine, you could maybe even find a frame for next to nothing and re-cover it.

Thank you for your help. I do have a tent, but when the sun gets to about 11:00 a.m. it hits my tables under the tent. I've seen others with home made awnings. I just don't know how they do it. I'll look on ebay, good thinking! Thanks again!