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fashion critic: your opinion on todays fashion Answered

critique fashion and share sage style tips


There are a lot of homeless people in the US, and you wouldn't know they were homeless just from looking at them. What I think you meant was the anti-fashion crowd which includes fashion movements such as grunge and punk. Punks deconstructed the current fashion trends as a rebellion against the mainstream, and people at the time thought they looked "homeless". Of course, the punk fashion got usurped by the mainstream, but there's still a sense of rebellion when it comes to punk clothing because of the culture (and music) that surrounded the fashion. Blahblahblah... the history of fashion... Personally, I love a lot of fashion, especially when it errs on the side of costume. I love lolita, steampunk, goth, grunge, rockabilly, cowgirl, etc. I think they all have something to offer. Right now I'm trying to make a pinafore-style skirt.

Oh, I almost forgot...go get a haircut, you hippie!

yeah, the "bangs in my face" thing doesn't work for me.

Getting bashed in the face (by a door, a frying pan, whatever) doesn't work for me either. My nose always seems to hurt...

yes, i find that the "homeless look" a big problem today... with teens especially! at marshalls they had these jeans out, and a sign said "we tear them up, you wear them out!" and they were 15 bucks!

Pants worn under dresses. What is with that? Are there some insecurity issues going on? Afraid the dress might get caught in an updraft Marilyn Munroe style?

Be neat. If you're going to look homeless, then you should be homeless. Otherwise, use the cleaning facilities to which you have access.


Don't wear baggy pants. Don't let your underwear stick out. Only required in prison.

awesome tips- on the other hand, don't wear tight pants either. my personal favorite- flared jeans!