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favoret cars Answered

put in your favorite cars or hot rodes



I've owned: '66 Pontiac GTO '70 Ford Galaxie 500 Sport roof '71 Datsun 510

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Of the one's I've owned: '70 Chevelle '77 Monte Carlo '76 Gran Prix '70 MGB '94 Z-28 '85 Corvette '62 (or so) Land Rover Of the ones I'd like to own: '55 Chev '55-'72 Corvette '64-'72 Mustang '65-'67 GTO Any Bugatti, Rolls, Bentley, AC Cobra

My parents had 2 (one after the other) when I was a baby. Both were '67s, one a hardtop, one a convertible. But more importantly, my mom had a VERY rare Vette when I was like 5. It was a '69 Stingray (British Racing Green, T-Tops) with a 454 (matching #'s). The 454 wasn't supposed to come out until '70, but somehow, Mom had one. When I think about her selling it (about '77), I want to die!!!

. One car I would like to have back is a '68 Dart GTS (link is to a '69, but they are very similar). Mine was brown with the 340 hi-po engine. Schweetness!
. A '79 Camaro Berlinetta is second on the list. Pulled the stock 305 and replaced with a balanced and blueprinted 283 - punched out to 292, and waayyy too much cam. It would run 130+ all day and handled very well 'til you got over ~120.
. A '67 LTD would be third. 390CID. It was a butt-ugly car, but ran like a scalded ape. Spent as much time in the back seat as the front seat. ;)

I had a '68 Estate Wagon with the 390 and 4bbl. You're right, ape thoroughly scalded.

i am the crater of this site so you can talk and put down cars my favorite is mussel car

Um, you didn't create this site, just the forum topic

sorry i like to be politically correct ya and please use spell check

hmm..... Toyota Supra

Hi, Alex. He might actually be the crater of this site, if by crater he means hole :-)

maybe he wants us to drive cars and hot rods into the crater ?

hmm... there are some craters form testing nukes, some where in the dessert(s) Arizona, Nevada, California also, there is a huge crater from a big meteor impact, somewhere in russia

In my area there are some fairly large sink holes, but nothing like I have seen in Florida and other places.

I remember reading about a poor woman that tried to stop from driving into a large sink hole, and the front of her car went in over the edge. When she got out, it was resting on the roof off a pickup truck, that was on top of another vehicle.

Now THAT'S a pothole LOL

Apparently the state that happened in, has frequent large sink holes, but this one must have collapsed during the night, and a few people happened to drive into it :-)

drove into the sinkhole at night? i think you should be able to see where the road is failing...

Sometimes it is hard to distinguish black top from a black hole :-) Especially if they were moving faster than, say 15 mph.

There are lots of big meteor craters around the world :-) If we didn't have weather (and plate tectonics), the Earth's surface would look pretty much like the Moon's.

it'll make the most sense to drive cars and rods into a crater of active volcano

yep, then you could just throw in regular ol' rods into the volcano, they don't need to be hot

well i figured that active volcanoes are hot, but only a few could make iron rods into "hot" rods

Tesla Roadster.

It's a heated iron bar.

A hot rod of iron!

It's a visual pun.


Jokes are much funnier to people who don't need them explained

I kind of like the Maserati myself :-)


1969 Chevrolet Firebird
General Lee (dodge charger)
Starsky and hutch's Grand Torino
A 1961 Chevrolet Corvette
Aston Martin DB5


. Psssssttt! Pontiac = [http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Firebird_(car) Firebird]. Chevy = Camaro.

I own both, and it still took SKunk Jr. a few months to consistently get them right!

Oh damn i meant that but i was looking at the posters on my wall and i was looking at this real nice Firebird which poster was next to the Camaro and i mixed it up, sorta like a Freudian slip but with posting =[

well that definatly closes the question

however, it is mean

You're right, it was mean (whether true or not :-/). Therefore, I've deleted it.


9 years ago

1996 Pontiac Firebird Trans Am Ram Air
Base Price $ 19,464
Price As Tested $ 25,993
Engine Type pushrod ohv V8, 16 valves
Engine Size 5.7 liter, 350 cu.in.
Horsepower 305 @ 5400
Torque (lb-ft) 335 @ 3200
Transmission 4-speed automatic
Wheelbase / Length 101.1 in. / 195.6 in.
Curb Weight 3452 lbs.
Pounds Per Horsepower 11.3
Fuel Capacity 15.5 gal.
Fuel Requirement unleaded premium
Tires P275/40ZR17 Goodyear Eagle GS-C
Brakes, front/rear vented disc / vented disc
front- independent unequal-length A-arm, coil springs
rear- Salisbury axle, coil springs
Drivetrain front engine, rear-wheel drive
EPA Fuel Economy - miles per gallon
city / highway / observed 17/25/20
0 to 60 mph 5.8 sec
1/4 mile (E.T.) 14.4 sec
Coefficient of Drag (cd) 0.34

_! !_

I do believe you are impersonating Rachet and Clank, but the BMW Mini, Z Series Corvette, Tesla, and Shelby Cobras


As I believe I may have inferred in the past, that BMW is not a Mini. It's not even small!

But, if we're talking actual performance cars, then I'd take a Caterham 7 any day of the week - round the track, it'll beat a Bugatti Veyron, for a thirtieth the price.

Veyrons are NICE! Fast! but i'd take a Posi rear-end 85 RX-7 any day. My mom's boy-friend said his RX-4 (same engine) went 171mph by police radar.