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favorite bands of all time Answered

what is your favorite band? what type of music is it and whats your favorite song of theirs?


Pink Floyd - Rock, Progressive rock, some Psychedelic rock (particularly their older material). It's hard to narrow them down to a favourite song as a lot of their best albums almost play out like one single entity, but I like anything from Animals or Dark Side.

The Manic Street Preachers - Alternative rock. Favourite songs include 'Motorcycle Emptiness', 'Small Black Flowers that Grow' and 'There by the Grace of God'.

AC/DC, Nirvana and Guns And Roses!!

My Chemical Romance :-)

Metallica and AC/DC

Coincidentally, these exact same two bands, or rather the names of these two bands, were often seen on the t-shirts of Beavis and Butthead, specifically with Butthead wearing the "AC/DC" shirt, and Beavis wearing the "Metallica" shirt.

I noticed this yesterday, while looking for a video for KMFDM's, "A Drug Against War". The attached image of B and B, and their t-shirts, is a frame taken, at around t=29s, from a video I found on Youtube, here,

If I can believe what I read in the Wikipedia article for the song, "A Drug Against War", this video of Beavis and Butthead watching a KMFDM video, originally aired sometime in 1994.


There's too many to pick one. I like lots of kinds of music. From Metallica, Iron Maiden to The Corrs, Abba, Air Supply.

My favorite band's the Beatles, and my favorite song of theirs is blackbird.

Queen, Rush, Led Zeppelin. Aerosmith

I like most 80s-90s pop songs and a few rock songs.

i like too many to count, i guess black eyed peas r good, but i also like nickleback and theres a song by seether that i like,

dead milkmen incubus nickleback depeche mode chemical bros

Beatles, Aerosmith, Eagles, Queen.