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favorite electronic kits? Answered

I was wondering if anyone had some favorite electronic kits? There just seem to be a lot out there these days and a lot of places selling them. I'm just curious.


I picked up a really old electronics set (think 1980s!) at a car boot sale and it is great. It had a book full of schematics for simple circuits and loads of parts, about 100 in total. And it was only, from memory, 50p (~$1)! -josh

Yeah, I had and liked those ones that could be made into lots of different circuits. If you can't find one, I recommend a "solderless breadboard", "assorted parts/grab bags", some batteries, wire, and books of electronic circuits from the book store or library.

Yeah, I ripped the parts of the aforementioned set for use with my breadboard! -josh

I got one of those from ladyada, but haven't had time to put it together!


I am sorry, maybe it is on my end, but the link only gets me a blank page.

For some reason, the link is not working for me. I thought |I had seen a project for improving the TV b-gone, so i would definitely be interested in t the original

oooh i want to make one. i wouldnt actually use it other than to block my brother's phone and make him mad. but that would be fun none the less. too bad i cant afford it.

FM Transmitter

i made a fm transmitter once. it worked. not well, but it did work. too bad i dont know where it is.

I bought my FM transmitter from Hobby Tron. A fun kit to make none the less.

i enjoyed making mine as well. we made them in electronics class. it was our final project.

I took electronics class too. Our final project was making our own PCBs, drilling the holes, soaking them in a salt solution, and we made a 2 speaker Amp. Pretty fun class, it was too bad they stopped Advanced Electronics, that would have been awesome.

mine was very basic, and the school didnt have very much money... basically all they did were give us a soldering iron, and some old motherboards people donated to take apart. well we had breadboards and stuff... but we didnt get to make any pcbs. and i would love to learn how. i do wish that i had learned it there as i dont want to invest that much money into something that i have no idea what im doing. plus my parents kind of shun the stuff for some reason... cant figure it out. are there any instructables on making circuit boards?

Yes, and some mighty cool ones too. Try the search box.

The only FM Xmitter I ever made I did from scratch, using a schematic only (creating well made small inductors is HARD with the limited tool set I had). It was very simple and only needed to set off an alarm I was making for one of my older cars a few decades ago :-)

When I was younger, they had kits for a lot of things, like TVs, oscilloscopes, etc. My favorite ones now are the HAM radio kits.

And much better product support--while cleaning the basement, I found some letters between my dad and Heathkit. He had built a Heathkit amp (which we still have), found that it didn't work, written Heathkit, and received multiple letters and schematics about what the problem was. It turned out that there was a part that tended to fuse together when solder, but was not easily noticeable, so rather than just say "Here's a new one, leave us alone," they said "oops, our bad, here's how to fix it." If only I could have gotten that kind of help when a brand-new wireless router refused to transmit, or when my computer (and our last three) locked up.
*sigh* If only the manufacturers believed that some of us so want to see the insides on occasion...

Oh I know, service in the those days was the way to go, now they assume you have to buy from them, so they don't care. Need service ? Here is the phone number to Kookistan, talk with someone who can't speak ENGLISH well enough to communicate his own name clearly.

If only the manufacturers believed that some of us so want to see the insides on occasion...

I know what you mean <link>

i like the hoodie. but better yet, thanks for reminding me about make... next paycheck and i will have a subscription coming. haha the make bomb defuser: "*Please take note that Make does not suggest you attempt to defuse a bomb with this unless you have prior expert training. Had to be said ;)" i could definately use that leatherman though... much better than the knife i have been using for that kind of stuff. ok back on topic. i know exactly what you mean about tech support guys. luckily for most computer stuff you can find what you need online and people who are much more helpful. the problem is like with cameron, if its an actual problem with the manufacturing... you have to deal with them. and they dont like to admit that they are wrong.

luckily for most computer stuff you can find what you need online and people who are much more helpful.

Yep, everything except how to get BACK ONLINE if you can't connect and don't know why LOL

Yes, I mistakenly bought a digital camera from Staples. I crapped out on me, after 35 days, and they said they would not take it back after 30. They had implied when I bought it that I could take it back there, AND the main office said they should take it back, but still they would not. The main office sent us one and a pp box to send the junk one back. Last time I buy anything but pencils and paper from that store. I told them as much as before leaving too.

i know about the not getting back online to ask thing. i installed fedora and my network card didnt work with it automatically. basically i couldnt do anything with it. couldnt connect to my network to get online, and couldnt get the network drives unless i was online. i eventually got the drivers, and they never worked. it couldnt make the install for some reason... i dont remember what now. i got fed up with it, and installed ubuntu. oh yeah i remember why it didnt work now. i had a bad download. that taught me to check the checksums whenever i download something like that. ok... new question. does anyone know how to remove a word from the dictionary in firefox? or am i going to be forced to check my spelling on "somehting" from on?

Find where it is located (it will be a folder marked Dictionaries, or something). In there, should be a text file, this will be your personally updated dictionary. Open it with Wordpad or something other then notepad. You can edit it as long as you keep the same format. Save it after editing with the original file extension and you should be set.

well i looked. thanks for telling me how to find the dictionary. there may be a problem though... its not in there. i guess i will just have to watch my spelling on it.

The word isn't in the dictionary ? Or the dictionary isn't there? If the latter, I will look to see if different versions of FF put it in different places.

the word is not in the dictionary. however, when i spell it wrong, firefox does not give me a little red line under it.

Oh, then maybe it wasn't accidentally entered into your "personal" dictionary (where I pointed you to). I think the main dictionary is located in the same area, but might be in one of the DLL's.....I hadn't had a change to look. sorry.

Sorry, "find where IT is located" should read find where Firefox is located.


10 years ago

So is anyone going to answer the question? I've recently put together:
Adafruit DIGG button - a nice beginners kit; hackable.
Adafruit BoArduino - an Arduino implementation. Also did a protoshield.
Modern Devices Bare Bones Board Another Arduino implementation.
2d Kits "Blinkie" (actually, I helped my 9y-old daughter put one together.) Also hackable.

I found those all to be pretty "good" kits; reasonable values, something unobtainable as non-kits, and (potentially) usable/hackable beyond "put it together and you're done."

I've made a bunch of kits, and now I'm starting to make my own "kits". My favorite so far is a telephone; I use it almost every day ;).