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favorite episodes Answered

Hey there I just wanted to see what episodes are deemed the most awesome,funniest, or stupidest.


kenny gets killed, oh wait....

the head lice one. i like the way he says kelly


7 years ago

On Murray Povich..........." I don't care.. I do what I want!"

The episode where Justin Bieber gets killed. XD

Season 14 , ep 13. XD http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bJ1dOIgiIyk

The one where Cartman makes the kid eat his own parents because the kid sold him his pubes is still one of the best :D

I was kind of partial to the Disney / Jonas Brothers episode myself.

that one was also one of the best

Not one of their best episodes, and frankly a little squirm inducing, but "Look out Indy!" perfectly encapsulated how I felt about the "kingdom of the Spielberg needs a new yacht" movie.

Tourette's syndrome (Le Petit Tourette)
Easter Egg
The List

the easter egg one was great so was the list but the first one i have never seen before

scrotie mcboogerballs is one of my favorites