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favorite guitars Answered

whats your favorite guitar


I guess it would have to be a Martin D35. I had a late 60's Brazilian D35 and I recently bought a 2011 Indian Rosewood D35. I would say quite categorically that the 2011 manufactured D35 is the best Martin that I have owned both in build quality and timbre and tone although Brazilian D35's are fetching much higher prices on the vintage market. I did have a Hd28 and a 0021 but still the 2011 would be my first choice

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Les paul has a nice smooth sound!!

Takamine g series 330s is the best sounding acoustic ever!
A dean evo xp is cheap, but it doesnt sound half bad
Squier tele affinity series, no the best, but easy to play and good on the ears
Starcaster? dont go there
I would love a gibson firebird, but i have no $

Ibanez GIO and Gibson Sg Shop costume

I like Jackson Soloists for some good ol' metal, but Gibson Les Pauls for everything else. Do we have any tone freaks in here??

Gibson Explorer.

Les Pauls rock, I've got a cheepy Gibson and an acoustic glass -finish Yamaha

hmmm... so many to choose from...

Definately for metal .... Dean Dimebag Razorback Cemetary Gates

Emo/Screamo: B.C Rich Metal Web

General: Fender Strat

Other: Gretcsh 120th anniversary

i am stuck between my B.C. Rich Warbeast (Custom paint design)... Or my Fender Starcaster (Custom faceplate...)...


My BC Rich DLXJRVO Deluxe Jr. V with EMG 81/85 and a Floyd Rose original Double Locking Tremolo. This is one awesome guitar. I hihly reccomend it to anyone who plays the heaviest metal possible or someone who wants a really bright tone without distortion.

Gibson SG '61 Reissue (or replica) I forget which

it all depends on the style i'm playing (i dodnt know if the question was favorite that you own or overall favorite but the ibanez artcore is the only one i own, i just like the others and dont have the money for them) playing jazz i love my Ibanez artcore AFS75TD, its a hollow body and i also love to play a classic Gibson hollow body that my friend owns its an ES but i'm not sure what model maybe a 345 (original not a reissue) for metal my favorite is a Ibanez SA2160FM it has some seriously powerful in you face sound playing a classic or hard rock my favorite would have to be a gibson sg 61' reissue playing experimental my favorite is the Yamaha RGX A2 and my over all favorite it the MOOG Guitar

I just got a SG Les Paul Custom edition. Three humbuckers, all gold hardware and a cream colour. I love it, it's the loudest guitar I've owned.

SG Les Paul? I always thought those were separate guitars Or was in the time period after the SG came out and before Les Paul took his name of it

The SG was designed by Les Paul, it's actually an SG body that Les Paul customized, not a Les Paul as in the guitar. If that makes sense.

I could of sworn I read about him in i think Time and it said that after the Les Paul came out, Gibson tried to follow up with a new model the SG but when he saw it, he decided not to put his name on it

Les Paul did design it, but I think Gibson didn't want it at first. Afterwards, they decided to release it as the SG which either stands for Solid Guitar or Standard Guitar, I forget which.


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Changes daily... :-)

I gotta go with american standard strat

Definitely! thats the next guitar I'm getting, but it might be a mexican strat which, in my opinion, are pritty much the same.

i play a Memphis Mg-100, its one of those old japanese brands that nobody has ever herd of, but it sounds increadable!! if you find reviews of them people say they sound like gibsons, and they totally do! I got mine for $200, but if your looking for a brighter tone, id go with a teisco.

Les Pauls, ES-335's, Casinos. Gibson fanboy, never!

Ibanez jackson and dean. I play an ibanez but like the ways the others sound and play.

i have a white ibanez gio. its pretty cheep but it sounds amazing.

I have an ESP LTD EC1000 that I love, so that's probably my favorite at the moment. But I love the way Gibson Explorers look and feel too.

I've got an old, Jap made Fender Squire. It was cheap, but feels and sounds awesome. I'd love to have a vintage Gibson acoustic.

My favorite guitar is a circa 1968 SG copy. If it weren't for the fact that it doesn't say Gibson on the headstock, you wouldn't be able to tell the difference. Best 90 bucks my dad ever spent, secondhand. Got that perfect sound, classic look, perfect setup. You never really forget your first guitar.

. I'm not a player (I can barely bang out a few chords), but I've always thought the Flying V's looked great on stage.