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fence preservation? Answered

Any suggestions for keeping people from hopping my fence? They are bending my fence and trampeling my garden. Obviously electricution and barbed wire are not options. I wondered about solar lighting,(so the climbers could be seen) but I think the lights would be stolen.



Cameras & alarms are good ideas but make sure the
alarm company does not rip you off as well. You
should go for fencing with alarm so that if anyone jumps into your home then
the alarm is activated and you can catch hold of the person.

tell ther parents if there kids to not hop over your fence or call the police and let them know

Thanks so much for your suggestion:0) My problem is that my property backs on to a park, and I don't know who the people are. By the time I realize my fence is damaged, the vandels are gone because it usually happens at night or when I am not home. If I had enough money, I would plant prickly bushes around the perimeter of the propert.

why don't you get a landscaper and tell him to plant those bushes you want? just an idea that came to me.

Awwe thanks :0) Your idea is really helpful. Gotta have a job first to be able to hire a landscaper, and one heck of a long hose to be able to water the bushes. Ideally I would have in- ground sprinklers and a forest of prickly bushes! :0) . Thanks so much for thinking of me. All the best :0) Heart warming to think someone in cyberspace is kind enough to offer help to a stranger. Wait! I just got an idea lol ;0) I could put up very frightening scare-crows ;0) ;0)

that would work and just so you know, im a teenage dude (boy), always liking to help people . o the scarecrows might work. =) goodluck let me know if it works.


8 years ago

My first choice would be an electric wire. While the shock they deliver isn't pleasant , it isn't lethal. Thing is an electric wire is easily defeated When the climbers learn about it. Security fences topped with barbed wire are all over the USA. We aren't talking razor wire here, I'm not anyway. I like the idea of a moat, but that would be an attractive nuisance drowning hazard to small children.


8 years ago

Thorny bushes (ie. Bougainvilleas, Rose, Wait-awhile bush), dogs, land mines, mercenaries. Bushes would be easiest though.

With any of these ideas, be aware of "attractive nuisance" laws. Quick thought: It's probably just a few problem children, rather then the entire populace of your town. All you need to do is break them of the habit. There are motion-detector garden hose sprayers, intended to discourage wildlife; that might be enough (at least, on a cool day). Or set it up to spray something harmless but mildly obnoxious -- vinegar? a biodegradable and nontoxic dye? essence of skunk (or the worst perfume you can find)? Just make sure it won't spray people who come near but not over the fence, and of course be sure to disarm it before you go into that area. Of course it may squirt the neighborhood cats too, which is another reason to make it annoying but not harmful. (Some folks have done much fancier versions of this, with a camera watching the area and trying to actively aim the hose. Probably overkill for your needs.)

Oh, re lighting: If a motion-detector light can be mounted high enough, and/or on the house, it's reasonably unlikely to be tampered with unless they are very highly motivated indeed. For that matter: Hook up a motion detector to a recording that shouts "Hey, you! Get outta my yard, ya punk! I swear, next time I'm calling the cops and have you booked for trespassing!" "

Why are electrocution and barbed wire obviously not options? If it's personal preference maybe mention it, because both of those are options which will deliver results (no barbed wire...yet lights installed "would be stolen"?)

However, have you considered building a higher fence? Hardware stores sell a horizontal lattice that can easily be attached to many existing fences which would give you another 60cm (2 feet) in height (assuming your fence is reasonably tall to begin with).

Another idea is to put something 'undesirable' on the other side of the fence, this could be a landscape feature like a pond, maybe a compost pile. A direct and low-tech option could be to install a small sign on the approach side saying "beware of dog"!

Electrification and barbed wire may contravene local or Federal laws. L

true, but so could an addition to fence height, signage, and "additions" such as lard or a non-setting paint which could be labeled as vandalism or unsightly.

No, the paint is perfectly legal in my jurisdiction (UK) Fence height, above 6 feet requires planning permission. Barbed wire, on a public highway is illegal. Electric fences have to be signed, lit, and isolated by ANOTHER fence.

I think we can let the electric fence portion of this lie, as it is something that is either not permitted/dangerous/overkill/etc. I mentioned it only because it was not clear to why it was obviously not allowed. Regardless, I think we can agree it is an option that will not be explored. I work in city planning and though i can't speak to how other municipalities and cities are governed I can say with certainty that there are restrictions on almost everything you can imagine. It's a matter of enforcement. Any topping or addition to fence (or structure) can be deemed in contravention of some passage if interpreted (in)correctly. My original suggestion stands, with this addition: Consult your local Bylaw before making any alteration or adding a deterrent to make sure your methods serve your need (keep fence jumpers out) and meet the intent of Bylaw to where you live. But as mentioned, it's a case of enforcement.

It would depend upon the coating. Lard might make the fence slippery but not that unsightly. Physical harm may be a legal matter (sharp or painful), unpleasant is different. I don't believe you can vandalise your own fence by coating it with animal-fat but I may be wrong there. L

soooo.... we're in agreement? Check your local bylaw / authority having jurisdiction.

I like Steve's answer, but you could use something other than "right stuff for the job" like lard. L

How about the "climb-proof" paint, which is a tarry paint that never sets ? Steve