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few days ago i opened a program in my laptop using word wrap but it had change all the document t Answered

there was a document om my laptop desktop which i opened with word wrap but it ended up changing all programs to be open in word wrap even on my start menu everything is opening with word wrap which cant word what do i do?http://www.yahoo.com


It sounds like corrupted registry files. I can find you a fix, but I need to know what version of windows you have installed.

Either that, or word wrap changed the .exe extension to open with word wrap by default...

It could be, in either case new .reg file(s) would be needed. As I recall that's the only fix, regardless of which version they're using.

but correct me if i'm wrong...

I believe there is another way to fix it... but I can't recall it off the top of my head, and it's harder than editing the reg. So either way, you are correct. :)

Seems like teargasj either fixed the problem or just can't get back here...


6 years ago

Your file association has been changed. I am not sure what you mean by word wrap, word wrap is not a program but a feature of Word pad that wraps text to the next line. You also put a link to Yahoo which I don't understand why you did.

But, a customer of mine has gotten a spyware program and virus from Yahoo about 4 times now. The program that he gets changes the file association. What this does is changes the default program that Windows uses to open a program. If it changes the exe association then Windows can't eve start programs. In addition the last time he got this it deleted all his desktop icons and the start menu. Good news is this can all be fixed.
The easiest way, but it does not always work, is to use one of Microsofts Fix it routines.

Here is a link to the page at Microsofts site


But in addition to this you need to run a scan to make sure you get rid of the problem program.
Download Malware bytes free version and run a full scan. Remove what ever problems it finds.

It is at http://www.malwarebytes.org/

If doing this is beyond your computer skill level then get help from someone who can do it for you. It will not go away on its own and in fact may get worse as this is often a trogan horse program that opens the door for other worse stuff to follow.


6 years ago

Word wrap is a function of the text editor that removes or ignores word breaks at the end of a line. All you need do is change the program that opens your text/Word files. There are a couple of ways you can change it:

>>> Right click the file you want to open.
>>> Click 'Open With' then click the program to use to open the file. If the program you want is not displayed, click 'Browse' locate the file. You can also choose to open all files of that type with the selected program.


>>> Click 'Start', and then click 'My Documents'
>>> If the file you want is not in 'My Documents' or its subfolders, use 'Search' to find it.
>>> Right-click the file you want to open with a different program, then click 'Properties.'
>>> In the General tab, click 'Change.'
>>> Click the name of the program want to use to open the file.
As above, you can also choose to open all files of that type with the selected program.