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finding a best way of design solution Answered

hi. am finding a best solution for my design.

look at drawing.

there is 4 bars. about 2~3cm long each. their tip is holden on something in middle.

when you pull up right black bar, right gold one will pulled down. "in same degree."

when you pull down left gold bar, left black one will pulled up. "in same degree."
likewise when you pull up two black bar, two gold bars will pulled down. "in same degree."

its not just a normal hinge cause their move will interactive.15 degree up - 15 degree down.

what can be a best (simple, durable, hard) solution?



7 months ago

Would something like this work?

What is your project exactly? And what are these hinges for?

object.gifScreen Shot 2017-12-07 at 11.40.49.png

Are you not over-thinking?

Surely you just need two bars with a pivot?


Ahah you're probably right. Actually, I made a beautiful gif and unfortunately it is not working in the comments...

But I understood the problem differently: in fact, I thought the bars on both sides had to be independent. And that is why I have used gears (2 pairs, on each side).

Matlek is right. Two bars on both side has to be independent.
sorry for lack of explain but what I am making is a kind of hair clip but hard to explain now.. I will show it later.

Thanks Matlek. Many thanks to others. but I have tried your idea before and finding more simple way. cause this design sizes small (2~4cm)

Glad I was right! Ok, so you found another way to make it work?

Please post some images of your final object and how you built the hinges, I'd be curious to see how you have done this! :)

I am still finding dude! and I will post it

I tried to read this 3 times and I have no idea what you are asking

Solution for what?