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finding parts from old appliances and junk? Answered

im looking for a web site that tells you where you can find all sorts of re useable parts like electronics  and mechanical things  from inside old or new appliances such as vacumbs microwaves or phones or anything. i saw one before but cant find it again.  any help ? cheers. 


the real question is how to get your wife to let you keep a bunch of junk she considers "trash"

Also keep every screw, washer, bracket, clip, connector, etc. etc. I couldn't begin to count how many repairs I've done using recycled hardware, and it beats the hell out of going to the hardware store for one lousy bolt or nut, and getting charged a fortune for it.

I agree with Re' - find your junk, be a "skip-rat", take it apart.

If you want to photograph the intestines and ask "what's useful here?" ask more questions.


I've never seen a site like that. Post it when you find it. I've always figured the best way to find out where to get parts was to take apart EVERYTHING you could get your hands on. Everything. Throw away nothing. As soon as you do you'll find a use for it.