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finding the distance by determining the TOF using two arduino and RF link (433Mhz and 315Mhz? Answered

I would like to measure the distance by knowing the Time of flight between the two arduino and two 433Mhz Rf Tx/Rx and two 315 Rf Tx/Rx. Is this possible? if not, what are the alternative way to measure the time of flight and measure the distance? I already know about the Ultrasonic and laser so i want to use the radio frequency. i hope you can help me. thanks!


same with the one that documented in this site. i will use the formula Distance = ( time * speed of light) / 2 ... the time in the formula is the time between the first arduino send the 1st signal until it received the 2nd frequency that came from the second arduino. like a stopwatch, it will start once it transmit then stop when it received.

what accuracy are you looking for? The discreet logic method's results were quite good.

The uncertainties in timing, using an arduino are going to be around 1000 feet, if not more.

maybe 80% was good. i just want to try if can get a value. adding an LCD screen to the arduino1 to show the distance.

That's No micro-Processor but Faster Fast HC discreet Logic dividing the RF !

Interesting, but I'd like to see the error budget. I suppose it depends what the OP wants for accuracy.

Bear in mind light travels around 300mm in one nanosecond, and then ask yourself how you can DO that with an arduino who's minimum clock is around 500nsec.