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fire wire Answered

hi if you do poi wid fire wire it looks so kool



11 years ago

From what I've heard its fire dancing while juggling...

It is fire dancing, but not with any juggling. Poi are made with a couple feet of chain and a thick wick at the end of it. Basically, balls of fire on the ends of chains. They're always done with two at a time.

Tried to find a fire poi video with no trance or new age beat, but... this one is cool anyway.

hi are you a memeber of hop because i am . i am 11 and i have fire poi snake fire poi and night brust and other stuff! i love poi and staff it is the best i am just about to get some stuff form there i just did do wire poi to night :) :)

Nope. It looks like fun. Just remember to always respect that flame.