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fix a n64 controller cable? Answered

i want to replace a cable on my n64 controller but i cant get the little wires out of their clips on the inside.
any help would be greatly appreciated.



Odds are you can't get them out -- How far out is the cable damaged? I would recommend using the wires in the plug without changing that part, then solder to those wires a few inches (if possible) away from the plug. If the damage is in the plug you may be SOL.

the plug is not damaged.
i just want to fix it professionally, with no soilder if possible.

Those 2 things are mutually inclusive -- if you want it done RIGHT you need to do some soldering, then cover the wires with heat-shrink.

i know but if at all possible i would like to use pre-fab parts (like the stuff at radio shack) the actual connectors.

I'll post a picture if i get the chance

Right, and to properly attach to those connectors, you're going to need to solder something. :)

ok, fair enough,
but how do you get the little wires out?

with a very very sharp knife, working slowly and carefully.

I find bending the wire around your finger, then just 'touching' the sharp part of the blade against the 'most stretched' outside part of the cable insulation splays it open nicely. -- then rotate the cable and cut the circumference in a few steps to get it all the way around.

Stripping the finer inner wires is an art, and takes ideally a good wire stripper, or really creative knife usage.

Best of luck!

but i already cut the wire off. now what do i do?