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flimsy furniture Answered

my little sister bought the worst/cheapest book case from target. its flimsy the bottom piece was warped, and i had to replace one of the piece of crap plastic pieces that hold the thing together with wood glue, a drill, and a long screw (this piece in fact ended up swaying back and forth less than the rest of the book case) so what I'm interest ed in is ways to reinforce and boost up the quality of the book cases and $30 furniture for as cheap as possible. any one got any thing?


Instead, make new bookshelves! My favorite method is plywood and cinderblocks.

You could look into some L brackets. If you put them in the corners of the shelves, it should help substantially.

. Using screws will help a lot. If it's still too flimsy, try some cross braces (small board/metal strip from one corner to the opposite corner). . Sagging shelves are a problem. If you add reinforcement (1x1 or 1x2) to the bottom of the shelf, you lose a lot of room. I suggest replacing them with solid boards.