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flip flop toe pain Answered

can anyone give me tips about how to reconfigure slippers that goes between your toes. many of sandals I find now are so hard and hurt my delicate toes any ideas I would appreciate it


wear clogs if you have delicate toes, they're a type of sandal

Or Crocs - Kitewife, #1 son and #2 son all wear them.

They're very light, and cover the toes.

hmm... depends what type of flip flop you're talking about. when i was little, and got those cheap flipflops by the shore... i'd take nail clippers and clip off the run off plastic/rubber, which is usually the culprit behind the pain... or you could get a pair of havianas. they're kinda pricey for flip flops... like... ten bucks... then again i'm cheap. but they last forever. i've had mine for the last 4 years... constantly wearing them... and they're still going strong. or you could get a pair of birkenstocks. most comfortable sandal EVER. somewhat overpriced... they can go up to 100 bucks... but they're DEFINETELY worth it. i waited two years to get them... becuase i was being a cheapie... and at first... they'll feel REALLY good. and then... for the next two days you'll be kicking yourself in the brain going &*!*!&*&*!@#$&! why did i pay 60 bucks for these stupid shoes?!?!?!!? and then. on the third day... they will quite literally become your best friends. probabaly didn't answer your question... but good luck with your toe pain!

Umm how about toed socks, or maybe use a pair of gloves and use the finger ends as toes covers... or as a cover to the sandal bit so your feet are given padding or silk...