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"flute" hole size and spacing Answered

I've got a clarinet mouthpiece and some pvc pipe...25mm but i'm sure I can adapt it bigger if necessary.
Is there some elegant equation (like where the natural harmonics on a guitar lie) to calculate the spacing and diameter of the finger holes for chromatic tuning?


Yes, there is.  But it's different for different instruments to some extent.  It involves the length and diameter of the tube and the frequency of the tone (and harmonics) and how close the next hole is, how large the hole is (both tone and next), wall thickness or if the tube ends at that point.  Then the tuning where the holes are adjusted slightly larger or up/down the length...

Start with http://www.markshep.com/flute/Pipe.html for rough length and size of hole.  Some adjustment will be needed if you want to get close to a clarinet, due to the conic horn and tube...

.  Does this help any?  http://www.google.com/search?q=recorder+tuning