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football rules question ? Answered

If this goal happened in a real match would it be allowed ?

If not, what rule has been broken ?



This is one of those rules that's open to interpretation. Whether the above goal would stand in a real match would depend if the referee deemed the loss of the boot to be accidental, as under Section 4 of Basic Player's Equipment in FIFA rules it states:

If a player loses his footwear accidentally and immediately plays the ball and/or scores a goal, there is no infringement and the goal is awarded because he lost his footwear by accident

So if a player loses his boot (accidentally) and immediately plays the ball that is allowed, but if a player loses his boot and continues to play for an extended length of time, that is not allowed and is usally punished by a free kick. An example of this is when former Manchester United player Patrice Evra played on after losing his boot, the referee stopped the game and awarded Athletic Bilbao a free-kick, which they subsequently scored from.

In most parts of the world this sport is called soccer for no good reason at all.
Football is the sport with the misleading name where instead of a ball the players use and egg shaped thingy.
Despite the name football they also love to carry that egg around on their arms, throw it and so on.
If they actually try to make a goal like in the video they have to use massively oversized goals to make sure the player at least has a 50-50 chance of getting the egg between the poles.
Despite the goal size it is quite rare to actually see someone getting the egg in....
So don't confuse a game that requires extreme ball control with your feet with something that does not even use a ball in the game!

But in any case the above shot would cause at least a yellow card for the player.
Since it is either training or just two friends having fun the player might have to eat his shoe now LOL
I have seen the accidental loss of footwear during soccer games and even one goal make without the shoe.
The goal did count as the player lost the shoe way back but continued to try anyway.
If it would have happened (as an accident) in a similar way as shown in the video the player would still see yellow or even red as the shoe could be seen as an object capable to injure the goal keeper.
Right after kicking the shoe away the nice striped guy would blow the whistle and pause the game or even give a penalty.

its official name is association football so somewhere across the ocean someone mixed up the sss ccccs and oos and came up with soccer :)

*Cough*. "Soccer" is a Britishism derived directly from "Association Football" -- 'Soc-ers were the players, with "Soc" being a typical shortening from the abbreviation "assoc.", and "-er" a common British university suffix for a doer of things (c.f. rugby players called "ruggers"). The Americans borrowed from the Brits, who subsequently decided that their Continental adversaries were right after all.

If the shoe came off accidentally, I think it would be fine.

Unless there's some sort of championship at stake, I'd play on.

I'm pretty sure a player gets a yellow card if his shoe falls off. Especially since it doesn't look like an accident (to the ref)...

The other players would already run into the penalty box, thinking that the player would kick the ball, and that's also illegal before kicking...

If you're looking for a sneaky way to score in a PK, Neymar made a pretty clever one several years ago, like this:

As a person that tends to blast goalie's faces off in PK's, I'd say that you have to best chance of scoring (if the goalie is a right handed) if you kick the ball to the bottom left :)