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for knex freaks-where can you buy good knex? Answered

Because I am very inexperienced at building knex :( and direly need more pieces, i thought I'd ask the general public by starting a forum. :::::::::::::::::::::: DDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD Please post where and how you purchase good knex for building. I'm sure this information will help everyone.XD ps: I should post the pic in the Louvre! :DDDD



Garage sales. I find a box every weekend.


10 years ago


maybe making this was a bad idea seeing as you all agree on eBay. Iwent on the site and discovered some FANTASTIC deals.

ebay. = good quality low price.

Walmart its $20 for 400 pieces.

how did you get a deal like that???????????????

Oh man! I got ripped off, £100 for 7000 and it was £30 for delivery - that was 2 weeks ago - still hasn't come.

Garage sales and flea markets.

please comment