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for the 8^3 led cube,i need 70 100R resistors, but when i check, i can only find 64, where do the other 6 go? Answered



yes i know there are 72 resistors on the schematic, but R1 -> R8 are 1.5K resistors, and in the instructable it says that i need 70 100R & 8 1.5K resistors, so that are 78 resistors in total, so there are 6 missing on the schematic, and THAT is my problem, seeing i have no clue as to where i need to place those other 6 

I get 72 and see them all (I think).  The text on my computer has shifted up one line so there is an un numbered resistor on each chip but if you shift the numbers down one line I see all 72 resistors.

Pin 13 on each chip gets a resistor also.

Where's the schematic for the cube?