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for the women of instructibles (men if you have a significant other see if they could help too!) knives vs scissors! Answered

Earlier today i made a post asking who carries knives on them and as i suspected its pretty much only guys that will walk around with a knife in their pocket (some exceptions apply of course) but as a designer and a guy that likes it when people are prepared for anything i feel this statistic is a little sad. Why not have some sort of tool with you that you can use to open things or make stuff with? As i have been talking to a few of my female friends the idea of having folding scissors came up.

Now i am curious would this be way more acceptable to have a pair of folding scissors than a folding knife?

I want to hear what you folks think so chime in with your opinions and also if you could use this poll that would be amazing!

As always i hope you have a great day, and be safe with all this hurricane business!


Let me be the 6th woman to say "I carry a Leatherman" (or sometimes a Squirt/Bomb Defuser). :) But, conversely, 90% of the guys I work with don't carry a knife or multitool. They don't work with their hands and, frankly, it's probably never crossed their minds. IMO it's more about what you do than what's in your undies. Makers/tinkerers/hunters* tend to carry tools - male or female - other people don't because they aren't thinking about the things that people like us are. They're not thinking "What if I need to strip some wire or file down a screw?"  because they're never stripped a wire in their life.

BTW - I think actually good and useable folding scissors would be great for those who use scissors a lot in their making. But I also think that's a different issue altogether. It's not my impression that women (or men, for that matter) who don't 'carry' are just waiting for a different tool.

Hmm... and now you've got me thinking that maybe I should get a 2nd Squirt. 

* - and, of course, there are the people who carry "weapons" because they're ***** crazy or violent or think it makes them look tough.

I'll be the 7th... and my husband always carries a knife.

IMO it's more about what you do than what's in your undies.

Well said, and I agree with you. Those of us who tend to use tools in our daily lives will generally carry one.

I'm a product design student and I always have a small pair of scissors in my pencil case especially as I write in a journal/look book every day. But I also used to carry a cheap craft knife or two, very handy for random things like cutting off tags, model making, cutting difficult shapes.

However I do get really paranoid that carrying a craft knife is seen as carrying a weapon, only because mine is so cheap, literally a knife on the end and small cover, no sliding/extending/snapping. I feel okay carrying scissors especially because I am female...not trying to be sexist.

Hope this helps oh and I completed the poll. =)

My wife started to carry a S.A. knife on her car keys a few years ago because she got tired of having to borrow mine. She actually asked for it for her birthday or Xmas.

In my experience most girls do carry some sort of cutting implement, more likely scissors - in the depths of their bags...

Oddly they get mad when you use them for purposes they wouldnt...

I'd count nail clippers in the category of useful - good cutters for most materials if it's thing and great wire strippers too...

Personally I switch between a knock off leatherman (got it back when they were far too expensive) a large swiss army knife with a locking blade and a knife wrench (knife wrench is amazing, got it in a pound shop long before the scrubs joke)

There's also a little pound shop keyring one, folds in to a box and has a few good tools, including a ruler, oddly the bottle opener doesn't work, it's just not the right shape, who gets that wrong? The bottle opener?

Oddly they get mad when you use them for purposes they wouldnt...

Of course. Wouldn't you get mad if I'd use you for purposes you wouldn't?
*grins, ducks, runs*

Depends what it is...

I'd be kind of upset if I was used in a way that voids my warranty

i'm a girl and i carry a leatherman and a 4" fixed blade. They are invaluable TOOLS. that part was important, they're tools. Not weapons.

Where ever I go i usually get some idiot man saying something like "oh lurd, don't mess this this girl, she carries a knife!" Regardless of what people think, my tools are only tools. When i first started carrying the knife (which people think is scarier than the leatherman) I would get the odd idiot comments and sometimes I'd have to check it with the doorman at the occasional bar. But now people have gotten used to it. I suppose it still makes getting dates harder.

As a person who carries a knife/leatherman, people are always asking me if they can use it. I say if you can't be bothered to carry your own you bother me to use mine.

Folding scissors? I dislike the idea, mainly because I see scissors as useless; I'm left-handed.


5 years ago

I carry a Leatherman Wave and an LED Lenzor flashlight as my EDC in my purse. Where I go they go and they get lots of use. I can't tell you the number of times my darling husband has turned to me and said, "Hey Sweety, can I have your Leatherman for a minute?"

I used to always carry a small Gerber pocketknife until I worked for a company that banned them as a weapon. We could have scissors, scalpels, deadly chemicals, and insanely sharp microtome knives, but a Leatherman or small folding pocket knife was too dangerous. I'm kind of out of the habit now.

Currently my cargo shorts have a pocketknife in one pocket, and my lunch bag has large nail clippers. There isn't enough room in the pockets of my work jeans or slacks for too much stuff. The Leatherman is a little bulky for daily wear.

No idea why you'd haul scissors around. A knife and/or a leatherman all the way.

I wore scissors around my neck every day when working in costuming. The folding kind are pretty much crap, but the good kind will definitely poke you if you bend wrong!

Now I care a utilikey on my key chain. The blade is surprisingly sharp and has a straight and serrated edge.  I haven't used the screwdriver function, but the bottle opener has come in handy!

When I'm out, I carry a leatherman.  When I'm in the lab or at home, I'm surrounded by a variety of scissors (I have over a dozen different models of Ginghers and Wiss scattered about), and rely heavily on fresh razor blades for the rest.

The utilikey screwdrivers are surprisingly good at being screwdrivers...

Very sad I lost mine...

Folding scissors always break too quickly and they're so dull! I normally always have a leatherman knife on me. :)

And sometimes, if I'm embroidering on the go, I'll carry a small pair of embroider scissors with me.

Just a note: many of the "folding" scissors I have seen are small, awkward, and sometimes disintigrate as soon as they are used once. Do they make "quality" folding scissors?


5 years ago

Your basic premise doesn't apply to me. I carry a Leatherman Wave. It contains knives and a pair of scissors.
So your poll doesn't really work for me, either.

Don't forget that clothing designed to be worn by women often lacks pockets.

I agree, I think the biggest problem are the ridiculous small pockets in women jeans. It's really uncomfortable carrying a knife around with you (I don't like hand bags). I've got a Leatherman Skeletool in my jacket pocket though, which has helped me quite a lot (having to cut something in the lab, fixing my bike, unscrewing screws....). I don't think scissors would be as helpful (when would you need to make a precise cut, that can't be done with a knife?....).

I don't use hand bags either. I carry my Leatherman on my belt, but I can see that that wouldn't work for everyone.