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free energy!!!!! Answered


the simple i am saying is can anyone make prototype and try it
a documentary and proven by discovery perpetual motion.

We know what you're saying, and have provided answers. You could do some research yourself if you don't like those answers. Start with high school, then college. Make sure you take courses with "physics" in the name.

As a general rule you can assume a negative connotation on this site regarding both perpetual motion and free energy. Specifically that it is not possible due to our current understanding of the laws of thermodynamics.

Seeing how Instructables is a community of makes I suggest you make it :D
Build one, make a video of it spinning for more than a minute (if it is real free energy it should keep moving forever) and show us. I would love to be proven wrong regarding this!

Heck, a well balanced motor (like used in a C-pap machine or some HD's) will spin for at least 30-40 seconds after power is removed.....it wouldn't take much, using one of those, to fake it (i.e. adding a small amount of outside energy without mentioning it).

While that might be a real video and not faked in any way it is dealing with a very delicate balance. Any additional friction or load introduced into the system would stop the wheel from spinning all together.