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free simple guideline for making hho generation cell? Answered

can i make home made hho generation kit.if it is possible to make my own what is maint tips for it.



Firstly, it's not "HHO", it is "hydrogen and oxygen".

The process is called electrolysis, and there is no real secret - the more current you push through the water, the greater the amount of hydrogen and oxygen you produce. Anybody who claims they can produce a "better" kind of gas (HHO, "Brown's Gas" etc) is either mistaken or lying. Tricks like "applying frequencies" do nothing to the final product.

You need unreactive electrodes (platinum is good), or electrodes you can easily replace (such as carbon rods).

One big safety point - make sure you collect the gases from each electrode separately. If they are stored as a mixture, the risk of accidental ignition and explosion is huge. That means you must use DC current, not AC, otherwise you will have both gases produced in turn at each electrode, which consequently means the gases will be mixed and thus dangerous.

I am not saying that hydrogen wont explode in large amounts but the small amount of space where these gases pass through is not enough for a large explosion and any plans for hho generators usually have a pressure release valve, a water barrier or "bubbler",and a flashback arrestor as part of the plans.
I agree with you about the frequency seems like a waste of time to me

I believe HHO may just be referring to the ratio of two Hydrogen gas molecules to every one oxygen gas molecule. I also believe that frequencies may produce more gas with less electricity, but I could be wrong.

Those who use the term "HHO" seriously believe that the gas is somehow different to a normal mixture of hydrogen and oxygen. The frequency thing is also all wrong, as the amount of gas produced is directly and intimately linked to the amount of energy put in.

not, u are mistaken, some peoples try "anomalous frequencies" for do this eletrolisys. The correct frequency for use in a hho generator is the frequency of ressonance of the water, 2,45 GHz. And, if you are not satisfacted with this go make researches and study. Go study ressonance and you wil see.

If by "go make researches", you mean "google for it" I don't need to.

If you think it works, can you present a peer-reviewed reference, or just blogs?

. Even if one assumes that HHO is somehow "better" than H2 + O2, it is still a losing proposition - you can't get more energy out of a system than you put in. And due to losses from friction, radiation, &c, you can't break even. It's always a losing game.

yeah, if you could u are f****** the laws of phisycs. "In this house we obey the laws of thermodynamics" Dr Homer J. Simpson.