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freezing and lighting kerosene? Answered

what happens when you freeze kerosene and light it with a match will it blow or nothins


Even If you took the time to buy Liquid nitrogen, Your block would not light. Try freezing butane, as it sublimates,light it and it sustains a flame as it boils off.

Since kerosene is a mixture of different hydrocarbons, it does not have an exact freezing point. As you lower the temperature, it becomes more dense. The gel point of heating (K1) grade kerosene should be lower than -22oF, provided it is not contaminated with water or other oils. This could be achieved by cooling it with dry ice.

While with cold-gelled kerosine it would definitely be harder to raise the temperature to the flash point (in the neighborhood of 100oF), I would not rely on temperature alone to prevent an unwanted fire.


9 years ago

I've never tried this (obviously), but I doubt it would do anything. There's no oxidizer in a block of frozen kero.

Spill some kero on a concrete floor, and it's almost impossible to get it to light-- it's pretty darn hard to get liquid kerosene to light (without a wick.)