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frets on fire help Answered

So I found this really cool guitar hero like game for the computer called Frets On Fire. Just google search it and it should be the first one. Its a great game and all where you use your keyboard up side down, using f1-f5 as fret buttons and your enter key as the pick. The coolest part about it is the uploading songs. You can take original guitar hero I and II and up load those songs. Also, you can upload custom made songs by other users. Heres my problem. I can't upload those songs. I've tried songs off thepiratesbay.org and keyboards on fire, but for some reason I just can't get them to run on the frets on fire program. I keep adding the, to the fretsongfire/data/songs folder, in torrent and other formats, but I just can't get them to work for some reason. If any one could help, that would be great!


> in torrent and other formats . This may be your problem. Torrent files are just "pointers" to the actual files - similar to aliases and shortcuts. Use a P2P client (Azureus, LimeWire, etc) to download the file that the torrent file points to.