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frog fingers/gloves? Answered

hi! i'm working on a frog costume among several animals for halloween, and the frog hands have me stuck. The plans are for a red eyed tree frog, so it needs 4 long digits, with slightly larger tips for the distal pads/suckers, and only a small amount of web between the digits. I don't think it will be a problem to settle for 5 fingers, I'm more concerned with length, shape, and the maybe the webbing. Any suggestions or ideas are appreciated. Thanks, David


here is a pic of the suction holders


suction holders in your gloves. slice the base and glue them to your gloves with crazy glue. keep acetone nearby!!

Latex gloves and put ping pong balls or something round into the finger tips and cover the whole thing in paper machè. Unless you want your fingers to move then... I guess if you had the time/money you could make silicon hands. Latex gloves with small balls in finger tips and cover in hodge podge?

Knitted gloves, with extra-long fingers? Cardboard tubes, starting over your fingertips, should support the extra length.

Once you start rolling cardboard it makes it difficult to appear realistic. Cut out a template for the hand in cardboard. You can coat it in a fabric of your choice.

Just inside the gloves, to add an extra inch or three.

latex gloves (need latex cause its stretchy). use cardboard of sometnhig cut in the right shape to stretch them out.