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I just got a fryer for christmas. My family and I have been thinking of things to fry with it. Aside from fries, we thought of mushrooms, onion rings, and some other things. I was wondering, what are some things that we can make?



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Breaded dill pickle spears. No kidding.
Chicken gizzards.
Tofu. Really. Get "extra firm" tofu, freeze it, thaw it, and press it between your hands like a sponge until it is dry (without cracking/crumbling it). Cube it into 3/4" cubes, fry until crispy, and serve with your favorite sauce (or in a stir-fry). Even if you are a voracious omnivore (like me), or if you think you don't like tofu, you will like it like this.
Breaded Mars bars. Yup. Very hot though.
Pork rinds (if you can get fresh pig skin from your butcher)
Chicken-fried steaks.
Whole quail. Make sure it won't overflow, though.
Clam strips.
Tempura California roll slices.
Tempura sweet potatoes.
Rice noodles.
Breaded Oreo cookies.
Vikings. Breaded meatballs.
Churros. Oh, baby. Way better than doughnuts.
Scotch eggs. Hard boiled eggs, cloaked in sausage, rolled in bread crumbs, and fried. The heart attack (that follows shortly) is a small price to pay for such exquisiteness.
Rocky Mountain Oysters (again, talk to your butcher, or your friendly neighborhood rancher)
Chapulines. Oaxacan-style (Mexican) fried grasshoppers seasoned with salt, lime, and chile. Leggy, crunchy, spicy, delicious "popcorn".
Chiles Rellenos. Preferably with fire roasted poblano chiles.
Tostones. Deep-fried plantain slices, as ubiquitous in Central America as fries/chips in North America. Excellent, and NOT sweet or banana-y.
Homemade corndogs. My heart pitter-patters, and my left arm hurts to think of them.
Garlic. Oh, yes. Fry individual cloves, and then smear on crackers or toast.
Any type of breaded cheese sticks.
Shrimp/crab and cream cheese wontons.
Any kind of wonton.
Breaded oysters. The ocean-dwelling kind.
Bacon. Really. A lot of restaurants do this to speed up the process. Crispy and delicious, but never chewy.
Twinkies. Again, very very hot.
Corn on the cob. Tempura-style.
Monte Cristo sandwiches. A personal favorite. Make a triple-decker ham, turkey, and cheese sandwich, and dip it in french toast batter. Fry. Serve with orange marmalade. Really.
Fish tacos.
Felafel. With good tzatziki.
Kimchee. In panko.
Okra. Mmmm.
OK, Forrest, I done run outa deep-fried idears.
My left arm is starting to ache again, but I'm hungry, dammit.

Fried bread? aka bannock? 2 cups all purpose flour 2 tbsps baking powder 1 large egg and a pinch each of sugar and salt. mix in a bowl and add the egg slowly. when the egg is mixed in add a cup of water. mix until a sticky mess thicker than pancake batter. use two tablespoons as scoops to drop into the fryer and don't forget to flip it so it cooks on both sides. serve with jams, fruit and maple syrup. if you want it sweeter add more sugar. really. this stuff is like a really fast donut.

South of the Mason-Dixon folks will bread and deep fry anything edible and some of it is really good.   I personnally like deep fried ice cream.

That is so true, I have seen fried broccolli and green beans, but my favorite of all time is FUNNEL CAKE FTW!!!

OMG, I just watched Paula Deen deep fry MAC AND CHEESE! *drool*

I'm just going to choose that as the best answer because of its immensity!

Immense goodness, and immense bad-for-you-ness. Thanks!

Oh, and in a previous career (as a chef) we frequently had wasps/yellowjackets in the kitchen. We sprayed them with aerosol oil (Pam, etc.) which caused them to crash to the ground. We then popped them into the fryer, and maintained a collection of fried "wingers-with-stingers" on a windowsill out of the sight of the health inspector. I assumed that you were looking for food ideas, so I omitted the fried silly putty, band-aids, pot buds, rubber bands, boogers, breaded hash nugs, etc. Perhaps edible, but not food.

Oh, and I have personally enjoyed all of these items, and prepared most of them, and I'm not dead yet. They all deserve serious consideration.


8 years ago

Do you mean deep fryer??

Chicken Maryland
Battered fish.
Any kind of battered thing: pineapple fritters/Indian pakoras/cheese beignets-

You can do many things in a deep fryer.

A shallow frypan will cook just about anything you can think of!

Yes it is a deep fryer. I can't wait to start it up once I decide what to make!

Chicken wings.

Interesting! I hadn't thought of donuts!