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funny that - my 'comment' button is disabled! Oh Dear!? Answered

 No more than the question...


No, none of the otherwise genuinely helpful replies worked.

Simply one day I was able to comment on here, the next not and then a few days after I was able to again.

Seems the gremlins are getting 'ible!

Therefore I award my own answer as the Best Answer! ;-)

I read somewhere that Safari has some problems with that kind of script(Also, Macs don't run Flash). IE8 has some issues to say the least, and Chrome, Opera, and those smaller brands don't always work. Try Firefox, I'm using it right now and it's pretty fast and easy to use, even for my computer that can't do much because of it's age. Download Firefox HERE (it's free)

Browser?  Version?  Operating system?  Since other users don't have this problem, it's clearly not something wrong with the page data itself.

Yeah. I don't seem to be able to post comments from my work computers anymore, but I think the PM function is still OK. Work is using windows XP and some crap old version of IE.
We are not permitted to alter anything at our end. We can't even delete an old unused shortcut from our individual logged in desktop pages. Everything is blocked from above.
Everything works fine from here though. I read at work and post from home.


8 years ago

What browser and OS are you using? Instructables is primarily Firefox based, so if you are using IE or Chrome, then that could be why.

Reload the page?