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gas station-type driveway bell? Answered

 Any thoughts on how to rig up one of those bells that dings when a car drives over it, like at a gas station?  We's love to put one across the end of our driveway...



6 years ago

Normal 12v doorbell a length of capd hoose to a low pressure switch (£7) bell cable live an switched live. ting.

.  A rubber hose, closed on one end.

.  A pressure switch to detect pressure spike when the hose is run over
.  A bell, activated by the pressure switch

.  A pneumatic piston that will strike...
.  A bell

option B is the winner for easy. that's actually how many of those contraptions work, no electronics or anything, just a simple airfilled hose (some are liquid filled...those tend to be more reliable) with a piston on one end that strikes an old fashioned bell

Ouch,  $124 ...surely one can take a small diameter rubber hose and plug one end with a bolt, and use the pressure of being run over to activate a relay and solinoid on the other end that strikes a bell;  for a lot less.  Especially if you already have a hose.

I certainly hope so, as long as you don't need something that will stand up to hundreds of vehicles and constant temperature changes.  Seeing a commercial product can often inspire a Maker with how to do it themselves.

Ah I see.  Yeah, the hose could be "sufficiantly long" enough to track in into, say the garage or some shed, with the electronics in there. 
That would help for sure.  It wouldn't need to have a tremendous amount of pressure change if one didn't want to ring the bell directly from the hose.