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geeks of instructables i call upon you help me make a powerful, portable, long -range emp generator Answered

it needs to be cheap, long range, easy to make, no cameras, portable, and preferably directional                                                    and how can i make an emp shield



8 years ago

I guess I'm NOT a geek because I do not even know what you are talking about.

That's OK, the querant isn't all that solid on the idea either.

oh really what if i used an electromagnet to boost the power of other electromagnets then used capaciters to induce a strong magnetic pulse emenating from them all muahahahaha

Might work if you were living in a comic book world. Then again, that's the world whose physics let you stand on thin air until you realize that's what you're doing; I hope you don't think that would work. Science isn't something you can just make up, I'm afraid.

thats how they make the worlds most powerful electromagnets so powerful they fry all electronics in the building

Uhm... Citation, please? I'd be quite surprised if that's a reality rather than a plot device. (Some day I really want someone to invent something with the acronym P.L.O.T., just so I can install a few real-world plot devices.)

can i use insulated wire to make an emp or would this decrease power too much

I love those things. Will they be in the shops for Christmas this year ?

Well I know where I want to go for my next holiday. I've been to Los Alamos twice, and my friends never mentioned it !

Pretty powerful, for its price. Almost portable. Emphatically not long-range.

You could steal a military grade directional EMP from the nearest base to you which possesses one. The cheapest and easiest way to actually make your long-range EMP is by building a nuclear bomb. I suggest starting by purchasing some plutonium off the black market in a former Soviet block country. In fact, you can head to downtown Astana, Kazakhstan and start asking around for my friends Harold and Kumar and they'll get you on the right track. Don't tell them I sent you though. That's the first and second rules of long-range EMP generator club.


8 years ago

I'll tell you, in exchange for three bars of gold-pressed latinum.

I want a commodity so valuable that you keep it stored clad in gold...

While I would have been glad to help you with this project I let very few people get away with calling me a geek. So, NO HELP FOR YOU! No soup either!

You need to use the small red connectors, and lots of bracelets. Oh, and tinfoil (thanks, Frollard!).

they're expensive, short range, hard to make, involve cameras, need a crane to move them, and are omnidirectional. Sorry. emp shield == tinfoil.