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generate electricity on application of wt without piezoelectric materials? Answered

a mat which generates electricity when people walk over it. it should be of normal ground leb=vel with no extra height and no smart materials being used.


I would use hydro-dynamics to do this without piezo. Think of two hot water bottles with tubes fitted to their necks. Filled with water and laid on the floor - as you step on one it will force the water out and through the tube towards the other one. And back again as you step off and onto the other one. All you need to do is fit a turbine into the connection between the two bottles and as the water flows back and forth it will turn the turbine and if you connect this to a generator you will get your electricity out.   Simples!

That would be fun to walk on!


That's what I was saying with mine - you'd get seasick walking on a flooby-floor.

I find North Sea ferries fun in bad weather. You can read "nausea" from "fun to walk on", it was that I thought of first.


We use North Sea Ferries a lot...my stepdaughter, when she was a lot younger, was not a good traveller...so we bought her a cuddly bear called "NorSea"


good ol double entendre...

I get sick from walking on a level surface; so naturally I'm inclined to think the negative version first :D

Think of it like a big loudspeaker, worked backwards. Panel you stand on, magnet in centre moving through coil from which you can pull AC.

Only problem would be compliance of the surface.


They use one in Britain...its a dance floor...doesn't generate a lot...and its piezo.


Any magneto-kinetic generation would involve a lot more motion than a floor would allow without having everyone collapse from vertigo.