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gerbils 4 sale Answered

4 LITTLY BABY GERBILS 4 SALE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


You ought to let people know where you are, unless you are planning to send them to the buyer by post?

USPS offer parcel tracking. :)

I once heard of a practical joke - somebody posted a pair of breeding mice to a friend who was on a long holiday. They were posted in a chewable cardboard box, and he posted an envelope of food every couple of days after that. The friends came home to a house heaving with many, many mice.

oh sorry I forgot my location! (-_- ' ) I live in cleremont FL. so if you live in either groveland or cleremont FL you can but one. and of course not! I would NEVER send my gerbles through post! alot of gerbils dont survive the trip! they are three dollars ( you supply tank,food,and litter.) they will be in plastic boxes with air holes to take home!