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gift for crush? Answered

I had a secret crush she had her birth day and I want to make her something not bought as a gift can someone give me hints



What does she like, what would she like? Go simple: get a gift that will be appreciated. If you don't know what she likes you need to find out (and not just for this). L

Simple gifts are best for crushes. Elaborate gifts might scare her off. Chocolates, candies, baked goods, flowers, small crafts, etc. Perhaps you could make her a bracelet or necklace? Maybe some home-made chocolates in a pretty container. You want to give her something that she's going to enjoy, and preferably something that she can keep a while to remind her of you. I don't advise pushing the romantic notions on her birthday. Let her birthday be all about her. Give her something nice, from the heart, and pursue her at a later date.