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give me simple diagram of laser sensing security system please? Answered

i am asking about the project "protect your house with laser beams"and could not understand its circuit diagram so please show me the simplest circuit diagram


For some inexplicable reason Kipkay gets away with posting some real crappy ideas, and the circuit for this project is one of 'em.

It won't work as drawn, indeed it can't work, as drawn.


That's too bad cause that same diagram is peppered all over the internet.

Look at this set of diagrams.  Find the one labeled "electric eye alarm".  Now substitute laser for light beam in the diagram and you have basically what you are describing.  Mirrors mounted at the corners will make the laser turn corners so that by mounting the laser at the alarm you can get 360 deg. coverage.

Wait, wait. You mean a "laser" is actually just a "light beam"? Oh, my god! I thought "laser" was some magical sciency thing....

lasers are made of a beam of invisible mashed potatoes.