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glue tin foilonto cardboard Answered

hi everybody, can any one suggest what sort of glue would be best to use to stick tinfoil onto cardboard? I have some flour in the cupboard, and could make some paste with that. or buy some PVA. any opinions? cheers



10 years ago

hey dominick, can i see how you changed the Bogdon Box Bass please? My cardboard box basses are featured in the January 2008 issue of Bass Player Magazine. Do you have any suggestions for improvements?

hi, i don't know if I've made any improvements, but I have tried a few things, firstly, covering it in tin foil with lightning bolt f-holes looks cool, and I've put on a angled neck that hangs over the body like a 'real' double bass. this means the action can be set quite low, and looks good. I am currently trying to attach a piezo pickup... plugging it into a phono input on stereo, but getting a lot of buzz. what do you recommend for amplification? there was also another bass which i performed with, i built it in the garden bar of the venue and we mic'd it with a bass drum mic. every one loved it. here is a photo:


Hi Dominick, i'm using a better box with a higher wax weight which offers more resonance. I make a 3-string upright bass that i prefer to tune to A-D-G because theres more tension, thus more sound. I now use a 2-sided sticky tape that has aslight foam texture to it. I suggerst the you place the piezo inside the body between the bridge and neck right where Fender usually places the Precision pickup. Any amp should do fine, your distortion is due to the pieze vibrating, a foam tape will eliminate that buzz. i'll be on display at the Summer NAMM booth #544 www.namm.com wish me luck!

What about spray adheasive?

spray adhesives are alright, but advoid them if possible. They: Make everything in the vincinity of where you're spraying sticky, It's easy to mislplace you material when gluing on it and it's really hard to get off, especially without ruining the carboard.

I've had great experience with 3M's 77. Just lay whatever you're spraying on newspaper, and you'll be fine. I've also used it to attach foil to wood before, and cardboard to wood (separate projects) and both worked well.


10 years ago

Sounds like a solar oven or similar. Aside from the suggestions already mentioned, which should work OK if you don't need the foil too securely attached (water based glues like elmers, or a glue stick, will tack down non-porous things like foil, but not really stick to the foil), there is also spray glue (3M "77" and similar) and the sort of contact cement used to glue down linoleum flooring.

it's a cardboard double bass,

like this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c6cTbaBApM4

except covered in tin foil with lightning-bolt shaped f-holes.

Hmm very interesting. Tinfoil has a dull side and a shiny side. probably the shiny side would stick better.

that spray glue sounds promising.
PVA is fairly thick. it's water based though isn't it? maybe i could water it down a little to spread it more evenly.

thanks guys, I think the thing i should have mentioned is that i have more a lot of area i want to cover. more than a square meter. that excludes anything which is expense or comes in too small a package. what is 'white glue'? i've never heard of that before. (possibly because we call it something different here in new zealand)

White glue, Elmers glue, school glue, etc.. are glues that are an opaque white made form i believe boiled cow hooves. They are water soluble and dry rather clear.

If that's the one that smells of fish, it's called Copydex in the UK. A square metre? Hmm, I'd still go for a glue stick (I use "Pritt" brand gluesticks a lot. Even though they're officially for paper, they'll stick foil to plastic well enough to make an electrostatic motor.

I'm not sure E;mer's smells of fish, but tastes like slaty spoiled milk xP

out of curiosity, what are you up to that requires a square meter of foil glued to cardboard?

Elmer's works, flour pastes are to mealy for smooth aluminum foil

. Good ol' Elmer's Glue.

Hot glue would work, but I am sure other types of glue would work also.

even just a gluestick would work. any glue will work. if I were to do it I'd use either super glue, epoxy, white glue, or a gluestick.