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going to try to make a bumble bee costume, would you think cardboard its the best way to go or somthing eles? Answered

im going to try and base it off of this


Dunno if your finished or not but I made this one out of tin flashing.


that's truly amazing. i didn't build mine this year because of sports taking free time away. that's an amazing costume nice job!!

What works for Optimus Prime should also work fine for Bumblebee. Be sure to document and post your build!

I would think that cardboard is too rigid for a Bumble-Bee because the whole shape and texture is rounded and the Stripes are fuzzy and soft.
What about making/finding an egg shape (maybe papier mache) for the body. A large excercise ball as your template, make two halves and cut out arm holes. Cut a thin slice (Bottom) off the egg (like the top off a boiled egg) and that's where the legs can be. Covering it with fabric or even just painting the stripes or duct/gaffer tape would work well because it can curve around the body. A rubber swimming cap for the head with antenna attached at the front. Little wings cut from re-cycled plastic bottles [there is a fairy wings ible] that does this. With plain(or striped) leggings and a plain long sleeved T shirt underneath and your set.
NOTE: I havn't forgotten the transformer you wanted to use but the walk and character leant itself to the rigid posture and walk. The Bumble Bee should be soft and encourage girls (or boys) to cuddle and touch. Love to see what you come up with. Good luck.