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good cydia apps? Answered

i need some good cydia apps, i currently have a 64gb itouch 4g with
4.android lock
those are the only cydia apps i've got, just wondering for more...


iSlideText, you can customize what the text is on the "slide to unlock" bar

Activator (launch apps and other actions with gestures)
VLC media player available via installous (plays lots of videos)
app backup (saves app store data incase of detetion0
Add the SinfulIphoneRepo source and Xsellize all have proper repo urls on there websites
mobile theater (new release movies and has old ones to)
safari download manager
safari upload enabler
full screen for safari
Opera mini web browser (app store app free!!!!!)

gpsphone, or whatever it's called, the one that lets you play gameboy games

please tell us when you are sure of the full EXACT name