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good knex pistol? Answered

i want a good knex pistol with instructions please



Ignore Stale 56's comment, the pistols he has linked you to are obsolete. I suggest trying an oodammo pistol. These are very accurate mag fed pistols that have good performance.

Arguably the best one out there is the MeZak, but really it depends on how you want to reload your gun.  The MeZak has a tilt mag for loading individual rounds really quick, but there are rival models that have removable mags, and there is one that has a bigger mag capacity than the MeZak. 

Takin it to another page. So not obsolete.

I agree with DJ radio but i have some knex guns that i've made that aren't oodamo and are easy to use and make.

side mag 001.JPGknex 004.JPG

Try Lowney's Oddamo pistol. (I agree with DJ)

I can't answer you cause I get yelled at when I answer knex questions.