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good paintball gun? Answered

i was thinking about getting a paintball gun in a couple months for my birthday, and i was wondering if you guys new of any good gear(guns, paintballs, masks, hoppers, tanks.), but i would like it under 100 bucks total you have any reccomendations for stuff cuz me and my friends want to start playing in the woods. I have no experience execpt for playing nerf, so begginer stuff would be good. Thanx!


I suggest checking out some Viewloaders. The guns are ergonomic and low cost and are basically spyder clones. They are also pretty durable. I got a viewloader lancer recently. When I bought it from my friend it looked like he marched to hell and back with it (rust, dirt, broken balls, you name it). I cleaned it up nice and it looks and acts brand new. The only problem is the lancer is an old model and is hard to find. I think it is, undoubtedly, one of the best begginner guns out there and can go on with little TLC.

if your looking for a cheap first gun, i would go with the stryker cybrid, only 80 dollars, you can control the punch it has, and it comes with a one time use co2 canister with adapter and 500 paint balls,mask, hopper, only other things i wished it had, had when I first got it was a cyclone feeder and possibly pods... U CAN EVEN GET THE PACK AT WALL MART!!! only 80$$$ in my oppinion ide either get that or a cock loader to see how u LOVE the game... The design looks much like the spyder you posted as a picture...

If your not sure if you like paintball, get a Veiwloader. I bought a used and refurbished Viewloader Lancer 1 year ago and it's almost as good as my brother's Tippmann. If you know you like it, buy a 98 custom.

98 customs are nice starter guns, once you play for a bit and start to find your style of play you can up grade the gun to fit. You can upgrade to a flatline or apex barrel if you are more of a sniper or add a cyclone feed and response or electric trigger if you want a better rate of fire. Don't waste your cash on an expansion chamber. Now don't get offended at this, but you sound like you may be a bit young so if you find the gun to heavy or long you could try a remoteline which will let you ware the CO2 tank in a harness and lose a little weight and length on the gun, which will increase your response speed and may help your accuracy a bit. I let my nephew use mine for a day and ended up giving it to him.

What defines a paintball gun as "good" depends on what you are doing. Woodsball/scenario, speedball, airball, hyperball, I'm only good with knowledge about woodsball/scenario. For this type I recommend Tippmann. I have an A5, but you might want a Custom Pro, 98 custom, or Model 98 if you are new. But, STEER CLEAR FROM THE TRIUMPH LINE OF TIPPMANN!! Not only are they not for woodsball, they are basically a Model 98 with a haircut. They are also not very accurate as they are meant for closer combat situations. Visit www.tippmann.com or call Tippmann Sports at 260 749 6022 Hope I have helped.

Also go to www.opsgear.com for all your Tippmann modification needs. Theres even a virtual A5 builder.

does anyone know if evil paint is good?

under 100 bucks is really hard to start out with. hopper-$5 gun-$75 paintballs-$30 mask-$20 co2-$20 total-$150 thats about the cost of basic but reliable gear

well tippmann has a triumph xl set thats 80$ for gun, tank, mask, barrel plug, all that good stuff exept paintball. and for 500 balls is 10 bucks, so next month ill have enough $ for all the stuff to get started

dickssportinggoods.com search tippmann triumph

oh jesus, stay away from dicks. as a matter of fact, stay away from any retailer that isnt dedicated to paintball. they have crappy markers and paint and are overpriced.

it is always cheaper in the long run to buy paintballs by the case of 2000 u can get a case of 2000 for under $30 get an electronic hopper preferably an empire or a halo CO2 works but will freeze in the winter and mess up your gun faster than compressed air will so get a nitro tank it is going to be hard to get a good starter kit for under $250 to $300

you can go through 500 balls in no time. at least i could when i still played. it all depends on how trigger happy you are and how long you are going to be playing though. just be aware that paint can get expensive quick.

VERY TRIGGER HAPPY! lol might as well get a 5000

Never get jt freedom paintballs. Trust me they suck!

i have been playing paintball for a while now and i know quite a bit about whats good and whats not good in the paintball industry first off u r going to need to spend more than $100 for a decent starter gun i know this sounds like a bummer but listen up this is for your own good the best starter gun out on the market today that i have used myself is called the ION by SmartParts if u go to actionvillagepaintball.com u can pick one up for as cheap as $160 which believe me is cheap! most guns that r any good are usually over $500 and often more than $1000 SmartParts has a new gun out called the Vibe that is even less expensive at $130 however i don't know a much about the new gun i do know that SmartParts is a good company that has continually made good products for a long long time now personally i shoot a PMR which is produced by Proto paintball and i love it it isn't the most expensive gun ive shot but it is one of the best hopefully this helps visit pbreview.com for more product help and whatever u do don't buy a spyder, pryana, or any other super cheap gun that is a waste of money spend that extra $50 to $100 and get a gun that will last a while and can compete with any gun out on the market trust me it is worth it

i just bought a tippmann custom pro $144, mask $60, 16 oz tank $15, evil paint $15 (500), 2x 100 rnd tubes $6, around $240.

i understand but don't waste your money on junk that is no good i promise u spending a little extra now and u won't have to pay for it later

i only want it for playing airsoft(he'll have 6mm paintballs)with my friend. but i thiunk ill buy myself that 50$ shotgun from palco.

10 bucks for 500 paintballs is cheapo paint, it probably wont break all that well and explode in your barrel which is a pain so at least go for $20 paint. i woul not reccomend a triumph gun either, its plastic and hooks horribly.My friend has one and its terrible. as for the tank, its a 9oz, which wont get you very far, filled probably 2 times for a full day, which at my field costs $8. Go ahead and get it if you want, but be warned.

I know someone with that gun. Its a good gun foe people who are just starting out.

Yes you should get the gun. But you should also upgrade the barrel to something like the SMART PARTS LINEAR RIFLED BARREL 16" SPYDER because it will improve your accuracy. The cocking bolt should be replaced with an ACS bolt, which will help your gun from jamming and chopping paint. All of this should come to about 45 dollars or more but it would be a good idea to upgrade if you truly get into paintball. These upgrades will over time pay for themselves because you will use less paintball to kill the enemy. Have fun paintballn’ but remember to stay safe. P.S. Tell me how it goes when you get the gun. Don’t use crap paint because you wont be able to tell how good the gun is when you first try it out.

what about a barrel plug? will that work? also i can just get a gun with a acs bolt already. my dad told me why you one becuse when the hopper clogs, the ball only goes halfway in and the sealing bolt seals but also chops the ball in half. very interesting. i will get an acs, and also some good paintballs. what is a good paint brand?

The barrel plug is not as safe as a cover (also known as condoms) A good brand of paintballs it DRAXXUS. I like the Midnight Paintballs made by them. I still strongly say that you need to upgrade the barrel because the one on that gun is very short. The shortest barrel I think you should us for the gun is a 12-inch. Try to get a riffled barrel because the are very accurate but they can be a bit pricey too.

HELL YES!!!!!!!!!! Just add a 16-inch barrel and it is god like to the spyder that you have been talking about. The MR spyder guns are just as good if not better then the Tippman 98.

so, should i buy one with ACT already installed? they're around $140 for the bottom line model, but my mom and dad are going to buy me the gun stuff for my b-day, so price doesnt really matter as long as its under $200. what do you think about that pic of the pistol i just posted? is it good too?

i wouldnt go with the pistol. they are just for backup if something happens to your gun.

oh, i didnt read all that you had written. sorry about that.

Oh I didnt care that you said that I was just saying that I told him that. Even though I told him about the pistol is used as a backup he still wants it instead of a rifle.

The only thing about a pistol is they are not very accurate they are meant for if your gun malfunctions on the field. If you want a gun that is no more than $200 I can think of some good guns right now but I need to know what kind of paintball games you are going to do. Speedball, woods ball, scenario games. If you want to do scenario games I will tell you of guns that you can mod to look like a true gun over time with some extra cash. But for me to help you I need to know what kind of paintball games you plan on doing. Think hard because when I picked my gun I was thinking about just doing woods ball but I thought scenario games wood be cool too so I picked a gun that can be made to took like an m-16. So just let me know what you want to do.

um well i was thinkin like a field or in the woods. so i was thinkin just to get a pistol until my freinds get one cuz im just starting out.

no look at the setup i found for you below this.