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good place to start robots? Answered

I want to start making robots and dont understand things very well, what are some cheap, easy ways to start getting into robots? links please!


Try <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/DIY-Vivus-the-Robot/">Vivus the robot</a>, its cheap and perfect for beginners.

Try the BeetleBot. A full control system with just two switches, two motors, two batteries, and no electronics- robots don't get much more basic than that. It also looks like a good way to practice the construction techniques used in more advanced robots.

Some of the cheap kits you can get online/at toy stores can be a good place to start. They're usually easy, come with good instructions and you know that they WILL work if you get it right. Probably easier than starting from scratch. Alternatively there's currently a google ad at the top of this page that says "society of robots - learn to make robots from scratch! 100+ tutorials - step-by-step instructions - large community" Click it :D