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goodbuy for while Answered

i going for little bit cause my computer i s not working the best



good buy? Is that a less trusted knock-off of Best Buy?

yeah, I saw that too....but since the computer is not working well, maybe a good buy would be the best?

Hardy-har-har was Lippy Lion's sidekick, and the funny part was, he was a hyena, and despite this and his name, he was always saying: "Oh dear... oh my.... " and was always depressed :-)


9 years ago

I agree, it was a very good buy, you'd never find one those so cheap!

You say goodbuy... and I say hello.. Stupid Target commercials.

Target commercial? That sounds like an old Beatles tune.

Hello, hello, hello, hell-o, cause you say goodbuy and I say hello. I've got them stuck too.

I don't know why you say goodbuy, I say hello, hello, hello, I don't know why you say goodbuy I say hello.

Heh. Then we should make thousands of robot plushies to destroy TV. MWUAHAHA! Double O' Rick Roll'd.

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9 years ago

Who are you again?