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goodbye for a while Answered

ok bye now for a while cause i,m disconnected from the internet if you have any sigh of the srv2 tell me on the fourm ok and heres a cool pic for every one to mod post the mods on this fourm if u want


Ya, actually it is a big deal, he made a neat little gun.

Better stop dreaming about the SRV2. It's not coming out anyway, and it looks so much like the old one.

I'm referring to the fact that everyone already knows the SR-v2 is never going to get posted, and as of such TigerNod's post was a useless bump

well i made it and it had the BEST range

Oh, I didnt knew it was out yet. That is because i looked killerk's instructibles rather then SRV2. It also seems like it takes even more parts for just a small improvement. I think the super sling on youtube has a better range. Or the el assesino which looks like it.

Yup, its really simple when its about range, the longest drawback wins.
If the SRV2 were like 4 meters it would fire further than it would now, not that I like that kind of slingshot weapon...it takes ages to get the rubberbands in order after firing =/
Although I am sure I read somewhere that the width of the slingshot also had effect =o

Lol, a srv2 that is 5 meters long! Yes, the width can also make a difference, a good example is that thing in your avatar image.


9 years ago

KILLERK has pictures oh his srv2.


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Okay see ya later ;,(