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graffiti poetry Answered

My kid and i are forming an urban terrorist poetry group. We want to put our poetry on buildings around town under cover of night. We do not want to be caught, so speed is of the essence. How do i put lots of text up on a wall quickly....and then run away. I got the run away sorted. Any ideas?


so you are vandalizing?

My thought exactly. If it's good poetry, publish it and make money instead of breaking the law.

that takes money.

wheatpasting, and if you really wanna fudge up people badly and keep it up break up a lightbulb (toxic and such inside so be careful and don't breath in any vapour or glass fumes) and crush the outer glass in a mortal and pedastal and mix it in with the wheatpaste, but make share you warn people what the poster is posted with or else that'll just be really harsh. use thin absorbent paper and go onto google to find a decent wheatpaste recipe, also make the actual paper that you put the poetry on eye catching and to comment on the people who say you should make money from it, they are wrong true graffiti has nothing at all to do with that

here's a poem for public toilets I hope its not too rood(in the olden days in Britain you had to pay 1 penny to use public toilets):

Some men come to sit and think
while others come to sh** and stink
but still I sit hear broken hearted
I paid my penny ,but only f**ted

Firstly, great idea! I love the idea of parents and children reclaiming "public" space together. Also, whenever I find little bits of poetry in public places, it makes my day. As for application, stencils would be inefficient to make (they take a long time to cut by hand), and unless you have practice with spraypaint, they won't look too great. Chalk is legal, but washes off. If you use chalk indoors and in a fairly inconspicuous way (Like off-white chalk on white walls), I've seen art last months before the businesses noticed. If you want it to last, your best bet would be to make small stickers (order the big mail labels for free from usps.com, then paint them white and write/draw on them), or google "wheatpasting" and try that. Wheatpasting looks beautiful, is quick and efficient, and looks way less illegal than spraypainting or writing on walls. There are infinitely more ways to take back public spaces, too! Use your imagination. As always, the trick is to look and act like you belong there and you know what you're doing!

Watch fly-posters at their work - they can plaster a street in adverts for gigs in a few minutes.

wheatpaste put your poetry on large sheets of newsprint paper. then get elmers white glue and mix it 50/50 with water. apply the mix to the wall, then spread the paper onto the wall, then apply over