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grandpajoe's Missouri Handcart entry has a photo I wish to use. Is there a way I can find out if it is copyrighted? Answered

my email is grandma.connection.  I simply want to know if I need to get permission before I can cut and paste a photo from the website.  If I need permission from grandpajoe, and his email is secure, could you forward my request to him?



Best Answer 8 years ago

By US copyright law (and I think this is pretty standard for EU as well), everything is copyrighted from the moment it is created until the copyright elapses or it is explicitly put into the public domain, whether or not the copyright has been officially registered. Fair use only allows personal use; it does not allow publication (and posting it elsewhere would be publication).

So, yes, I would STRONGLY recommend asking permission. You can contact a user by clicking on their name to get to their member page, then clicking the "private message" button.

Most Instructables authors will have no trouble with your borrowing a picture or two for noncommercial use, as long as you do ask first and credit them properly. But using it without permission is, at best, rude.


7 years ago

Grandma-ma Sue,

Sorry I am so late in seeing this. Let me know which photo and I can probably give you a better copy.



8 years ago

Yes, you can use that picture under Fair Use policies unless it is the type of thing that will snowball into being on the next pumpking. Also thanks for not trolling so hard, rough day and now we have HER to deal with, good luck sleeping tonight! trolololo!


Answer 8 years ago

You grossly misunderstand the Fair Use portion of the copyright law.  Without knowing what use grandma-sue is going to use the photo for there is no way to tell if it falls under the Fair Use rules.

Fair Use link.

After all we don't want to get "grandma-sue sued"!