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graphics card Answered

all right i have a PCI graphics card and was wondering; if i purchase a card that has a VGA port and a TV-out/s-video will it work if i don't have a hole for the TV-out? Here are pics
Current: http://img263.imageshack.us/my.php?image=dsc04899nr8.jpg
Future: http://img260.imageshack.us/my.php?image=tvoutexamplesvideocardskb4.jpg



10 years ago

You current video port looks like an on-the-Motherboard port. If you add a PCI video card, it's ports will appear in a different part of your computer backplane, over where the "slots" are. *IF* your computer HAS any PCI slots, which is not certain based on your pictures.
You can add a PCI video card to a box with motherboard video with no problems; I've done it on a Dell 2400, and we wound up with a total of THREE video ports. The Motherboard port, the VGA port on the new card, AND the S-video out.
You can probably disable the motherboard video via BIOS configuration, as well as picking which port becomes the "main" port if more than one is active.

yep i dot it installed but the sd video wont switch over does it matter if i am using a s-vide to compent converter

Yes. It will allow you to output your computer's video to a TV or video recorder. If you connect your VGA display to the card, it will become your primary screen and the s-video port will output a mirror of your screen. If you connect your VGA to the built-in port, the s-video port will appear to the computer as a second screen.

If your motherboard has an AGP slot (a brown connector next to the PCI slots), you would be better off getting an AGP version of the card. To use it, you may need to disable the built-in video of the motherboard (usually a jumper).

BTW: Your links are faulty because the have the 'URL=' before the address. If you remove that they will work.

well i used a s-video to AV(rca) converter and it wont pic it up on my tv or on the graphics card tv wizard thing BTW thanks for the help with the install

ok so it come with a new plate.

Always. Again. Before you purchase a new video card. Check to see if the one you're replaceing is in an AGP slot. This would appear as a slot about 2" further from the back of the computer than the PCI slots. If you have that slot, do not purchase the PCI version of the card. The AGP slot is normally much faster.

yep it is compablibe pci wise, just needed to no about the plate. Thanks

no i saying that there is no hole were the s-video port should be like the number of holes in the metal is not = to the number of ports the card has.

The metal of the card is replaced with the card. If the card has an S-Video port, it will be available on the back of the computer.