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green tomatoes .how do i ripen them as i had to pick them because of possible frost? Answered


 Hang the whole plant upside down in your garage or basement.  The tomatoes will ripen with time over the winter.

 What my family has done for the last twenty years after we learned it from my neighbor is to place two or three together wrapped in newspaper.  Then, place the wrapped tomatoes in the dark back corner of your basement for a few days, and there you go. They will last for a while too, if left in the newspaper.  Good luck.


8 years ago

Put them in a loosely closed brown paper bag with a banana and leave them on the counter. Keep an eye on them, they'll ripen much quicker than what you might imagine. Maybe a day or two/three depending on how close to ripe they are when you put them in the bag.

I agree with Burf. To ripen your tomatoes fast, place them in a single layer in brown paper bags in a warm dry location

This ol' hillbilly would just slice 'em up ,  coat 'em in corn meal an' fry 'em up in a skillet with a little bacon grease !!

My thoughts exactly!  Or put them in the sunny window, stem side down.  This way will take almost a week, and the tomatoes are never as good when picked so early.  Use the greenness!  Wait till they start showing a little yellow but are still firm and fry those babies up!  Cube them up and add to pan fried squash or okra.  They add a great flavor.

I either just use the green ones for cooking or just leave them in a sunny window sill to ripen.

Don't ripen them!<br /><br />Make this, it's delicious!<br />

Next time, pull up the plant or harvest whole limbs if the plant is too big and hang upside down in the garage, shed etc. where they won't freeze and they will continue to ripen for several days.